On The Fly: Tyrant – Season 1, Episode 10 – “Gone Fishing”

I used to admire my sister for her ability to predict story beats and dialogue of episodes of The OC while we watched it. I thought she had some sort of power of premonition. As I’ve started writing, I’ve realized I could start doing the same. No, I haven’t developed latent powers. I just want to create the story along with the writers.

That was a long way to get to Tyrant, which I thought had one big positive and one big negative in the latest episode. I wasn’t planning on writing about single episodes to keep the blog free of active spoilers, but I’m just going to assume you’ve seen the episode if you’re reading the thing about it. If not, SPOILERS.


The Coup – The show has been building to this coup for a while and it seemed like everything was ready for Bassam to take his place as the new candidate and interim president. But that’s too easy. Instead, everything has to get turned on its head by…

Uncle Tariq – Rule for TV: If you don’t see someone die, they will come back, especially if you don’t like them (Fuck you, Jimmy/Steve. You know who you are.). When Jamal spared his uncle, I was all “kill that old motha fucka” because Tariq is a bad, bad guy. But you can’t just kill the bad guy. And when you don’t kill him, it bites you in the ass. Although, I can’t help wondering how Jamal thinks he can take Tariq back after blowing up his plane of elites in front of him. *wink* That wink is supposed to mean that I think that’s coming soon to a Tyrant near you.


Emma – This is so close to being a positive. It’s been set up for a while. The family is not safe as long as they are in the country. That is a well-crafted conflict that has made the show interesting. They need to get on that plane. So, something has to stop them from getting on the plane. One of the kids getting held up is a good start, but that’s where I feel like we got short-changed. The writers backed off the gas by letting Tucker find her again, which was too easy. I thought as soon as they left that someone would kidnap them. Especially when she’s name-dropping Al-Fayeed all over the street. Imagine how much more suspense the finale would have if Bassam was sentenced to death, Molly and the son are trapped in the embassy, and Emma and the aunt are with enemies of the family. The writers probably talked about that path, but decided against it. There could be problems with their plan for the future if she’s kidnapped. I just think it’s a realistic way to make the finale pop more.

What’s Your Abbudin Name?:

Barry goes home to become Bassam. If you went home to Abbudin, what would your name be? I’m Hamit (aka Hank).